What is CaseWare Cloud
CaseWare (CW) Cloud is a collaborative platform that provides a secure and efficient way to exchange documents, share information, and communicate. The platform facilitates real-time collaboration through an intuitive and user-friendly Client Portal interface. It provides file sharing (drag and drop), status reporting, notification, and messaging features. DOAA is rolling out the CW Cloud Client Portal to enhance the Provided by Client (PBC) Request List experience.

What to Expect
DOAA will contact clients during fiscal year 2024 (July 2023 – June 2024) to schedule a 30-minute meeting for client setup.┬áDuring this meeting, the CW Cloud project manager will provide a demo of the Client Portal features and will walk through the CW Cloud account setup. By the end of the meeting, clients will be able to interact with the PBC Request List and respond or make comments on request items within the Client Portal.

Accessing the Client Portal
After completing the CW Cloud Account Setup (as described above), you will be able to access the Client Portal.

Note: The Client Portal cannot be accessed until the CW Cloud Account Setup is complete.

  1. Do I still need to upload Financial Statements to the DOAA Collection System for my school district?
    1. Yes, you will still need to upload the school district Financial Statements and SPLOST Reports to the DOAA Collection System.
  1. Are uploads secure?
    1. Yes, CaseWare Cloud uses the same encryption protocol as our Secure File Transfer system.
  1. Do I still need to use Secure File Transfer?
    1. If you need to upload files larger than 500MB, you will need to use Secure File Transfer. CaseWare Cloud has a maximum file size limit of 500MB per file.
  1. Is there a file size limit?
    1. Yes, the maximum file size is 500MB per file.
  1. Can I use CaseWare Cloud to communicate with my audit team?
    1. Yes, CaseWare Cloud features a comments section on each request list item which you can use to enter any comments or questions you have about the requested item.
  1. Do I need an account to use CaseWare Cloud?
    1. Yes, the CaseWare Cloud project manager will reach out during fiscal year 2024 to schedule a meeting with you to complete the account setup process. The process will require an active email address, as well as a cell phone number. The cell phone number is used for 2-factor authentication and is not provided to DOAA.
  1. Can I give other people in my organization access to CaseWare Cloud?
    1. CaseWare Cloud enables your audit team to add additional client contacts. Provide your audit team with the contact information in the audit request list.
  1. Will I still receive an Excel version of the audit request list?
    1. The audit request list in CaseWare Cloud will replace the Excel file you received in the past. However, you can print a copy of the request list in CaseWare Cloud.