Our Agency

For 100 years, our agency has served as the external auditing arm for the state of Georgia.  Clients include the public education system, State agencies and local governments.  DOAA audit work helps to produce the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and the Single Audit.

The Non-Profit & Local Government section is seeking an intern for the Spring 2024 semester. The internship will be a chance to get interested students into our Department and introduce them to the Local Government and Not-For-Profit area of accounting, which is typically not experienced in undergraduate course offerings.  This internship will show them the difference between public and private accounting and allow them to see that working for the Department of Audits and Accounts is an opportunity to provide meaningful and impactful reports to benefit the citizens of the State.


  • minimum GPA of 2.5
  • candidates should have completed the first two introductory accounting classes
  • candidates should have completed at least two years of college/university studies, preference would be for candidates within one year of graduating.
  • candidates should be seeking an accounting, finance, or another related business major.
  • 300 hours preferred (roughly 20-24 hrs/week for 15 weeks)


Internship Objective and Goals

Interns will be reviewing financial statements, assessing compliance with reporting standards, and assessing compliance with State laws.  The work will supplement the efforts of our senior reviewers and help ensure our division is meeting our goals.

While doing this, the interns will be learning the basic foundation of governmental and not for profit accounting and understand how we provide a service to the public by performing these reviews and presenting the results back to the local governments, not for profit entities, and the public.

Internship Assignment/Project

  • Local Government audit report reviews – Assist with reviews of local governments. For a 15-week period, this would likely encompass only smaller (non ACFR) reports and agreed-upon procedures reports.  This would involve reviewing the financial statements for compliance with GASB reporting requirements and ensuring all items required by State law have been submitted.
  • Not-For-Profit report reviews – Assist with reviews of NPO reports. Interns would learn how to evaluate the level of state or federal funding awarded to each entity and then determine what type of report should be submitted and how to check those reports to ensure they are presented in accordance with regulatory guidelines.
  • Other yearly projects – interns may also be asked to assist with our yearly immigration report collecting data for over 2000 statewide entities, NPO contract report which collects state and federal grant award information from all state agencies, or the biennial retirement report which collects data about the local retirement plans of state entities.