Celebrating 100 Years

1923 Report Comptroller-General State of Georgia

The State Auditor was established to support the department’s strategic and corporate planning and is responsible for providing the state legislature with research on the fiscal effects of proposed legislation. Over 100 years, DOAA has evolved to provide independent, unbiased information and impactful recommendations to promote accountability and improve government.

During the past century, DOAA’s work has expanded to include local education agency financial audits, performance audits, tax incentive reports, reviews of local government and nonprofit financial audits, fiscal notes, retirement certifications, and preparation of an equalized adjusted property tax digest for the State and its counties.

DOAA’s employees have served the citizens of Georgia for the past 100 years. They are the reason for the department’s continued success, thanks to their dedication and commitment to the values of working together, fulfilling their mission, setting high standards, and consistently doing the right thing to make a positive difference for the citizens of Georgia.

State Auditors

Since 1923 DOAA has had 10 Auditors:

  • Samuel Jordan Slate
    1923 – 1929
  • Tom Wisdom
    1929 – 1938
  • Edward Zachary Arnold
    1938 – 1941
  • B.E. Thrasher
    1941 – 1964
  • Ernest B. Davis
    1964 – 1976
  • William M. Nixon
    1976 – 1985
  • G.W. Hogan
    1985 – 1992
  • Claude L. Vickers
    1992 – 1999
  • Russell W. Hinton
    1999 – 2012
  • Greg S. Griffin
    2012 – present
Greg Griffin, CPA State Auditor of Georgia

Greg S. Griffin currently serves as the State Auditor of Georgia. Mr. Griffin was appointed to that position by Governor Nathan Deal on July 1, 2012. Prior to his appointment, Mr. Griffin had held the position of State Accounting Officer since 2008.

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