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What type of audits or engagements can I expect DOAA to perform at my agency?

Annually, the Department of Audits and Accounts performs financial audits, agreed-upon procedures, the state’s Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) audit, federal compliance audits, special examinations, and performance audits. These engagements are performed at the largest agencies, such as the Department of Human Services, to small boards and commissions.

The timing and scope of engagements are based on risk analyses that consider such factors as size, results from analytical procedures, input from the public or oversight agencies, and prior engagement history.  You can expect any of these types of engagements to be performed at your agency.

What time of the year can I expect to be audited?

Generally, for the ACFR and federal compliance audits fieldwork starts in late July or early August.  DOAA may conduct interim testing at some of the larger agencies which may start in April.  Other engagements could start anytime during the calendar year.


How long will my engagement take?

Depending on the audit or engagement the duration of the engagement could be one month to several months. When your engagement is scheduled you will be contacted by a DOAA manager well in advance of the start date to provide you with details of your upcoming engagement including the timing and duration.

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